When God calls you, you RUN!

You either run to Him or from Him… As I ran to Him, my life’s purpose unfolded. Very long story short, I am so excited to be starting New Generation Community Church in Harlem! I never dreamed of becoming a pastor, but as I was in search of my life’s purpose, I was reminded of my childhood dreams — public speaking, leadership, music, entrepreneurship. As I grew in my relationship with Jesus,  I started to see how God had placed those dreams in me so that He could uniquely package and unleash them for a greater purpose as I surrendered to Him. When I was installed as Lead Pastor in 2017, my wife (Charity) asked me “How does it feel,” and the only words I could muster were “it feels like a dream come true that I never dreamed.” God knows me and He knows how He made me…and He knows you too!

Now, I want as many people as I encounter to someday say “it feels like a dream come true that I never dreamed.” I want to make Heroes!

Before becoming a pastor, I also had the opportunity to produce records for many artists, both famous and obscure, and achieved mild success as a record producer. My passion for music coupled with my affinity for public speaking eventually thrusted me into the world of youth development. I taught leadership through music as a Teaching Artist and I have since served thousands of NYC youth in various capacities as a Program Manager for a Community Based Organization. Before all of this, I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

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