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On Mission for Jesus… Everyday!

A Non-Traditional

Church Expression

Most Christians that we come across in our city are wrestling with the tension between pursuing their own dreams and being engaged and serving in a church community. The former usually wins out. We started to wonder what would happen if we helped people to see that the dream that they’re pursuing may have been placed in their heart by God, and if God put the dream there, He intends to use it for His purposes to reach people, invite them into God’s family and teach them to follow Jesus by faith.

We are a forward-thinking community of everyday Christians and we desire to empower each person to live by faith and be on mission for Jesus in their own unique contexts. We are meeting people where they are, inviting them to follow Jesus, and supporting them in fulfilling their God-given purpose.

We believe that God has uniquely gifted and equipped each person to make a difference in the world that will last for eternity. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we equip, motivate, and support our members in discovering and living in the path God has called them to for the purpose of gathering people and making disciples in a way that aligns with their unique gifting.

Laban Reeves, Lead Pastor

Virtual & In-Person


We leverage the convenience of digital platforms like Zoom while still valuing and prioritizing the in-person experience.


We aim to equip everyone that journeys with us follow Jesus as Lord, discover their unique calling, and walk by faith to faithfully live out that calling while growing God’s kingdom and teaching others to follow Jesus in a similar way… We want to see all who are a part of our community Go, G.R.O.W. and Multiply.


Micro-communities of believers that emerge to execute a task, project, initiative, or calling while growing together spiritually and supporting one another in living by faith.

Huddle Meet-Ups

We don’t meet in a traditional way. Meet-ups are a monthly opportunity for the extended body of New Generation (huddles) to gather together to celebrate, worship, fellowship, pray, and share stories about everything God is doing in the harvest field through their various huddles.

Contribute Financially to the Mission…

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We recognize that we are sent by Jesus to the people in our immediate spheres of influence to reach the spiritually lost to invite them to receive the Kingdom of God. We live our daily lives on mission for Jesus in these circles…


We live spirit-filled lives that produce growth in our:
Ownership, and


We are excited about the good news of Jesus and committed to inviting others to meet and follow Jesus. We embrace opportunities to share the Gospel and timely stories of His impact in our lives. We seek to make disciples who make disciples, thus, multiplying ourselves.