Thank you for your desire to give to the mission of New Generation Community Church.

In October 2018, our name was legally changed to New Generation Community Church from New Horizon Church. However, until all the systems catch up, when you give online to New Generation, it will still appear as giving to New Horizon Church. Nevertheless, we assure you that your gift will be received and confirmed with a receipt.


Here is a detailed understanding:

As you may know, New Generation Community Church is a re-plant of New Horizon Church. In other words, we closed New Horizon Church in May 2018 to reorganize, rebuild, and eventually relaunch in 2019 as New Generation Community Church. As you can imagine, many small steps have to be accomplished to make this big dream a reality. One of those steps is an official legal name change. As mentioned above, that legal name change occurred in October 2018. Pushpay, our current third-party platform which makes all of our online transactions safe, secure, and seamless, is awaiting a letter from the IRS confirming our name change before making the update. Once that letter is received, the appropriate update will be made to reflect our new legal name, New Generation Community Church.